Fine wines from excellent female winemakers

Vineyard Kühling-Gillot / Bodenheim - Rhinehessen


During her training in Geisenheim, Carolin Gillot fell in love
with a fellow student named Hans Oliver Spanier, a Wonnegau winemaker.
In 2006 after a private ceremony the first vines started to grown. Today both run two wineries which belong to the Granden in Rhenish Hesse. In Carolin's winery, women traditionally set the tone - not exactly representative of German winegrowing history.
Since then
2015 „Winemaker of the year 2015“ (Falstaff)
2016 „Best Riesling Germany“ (Gault & Millau)
2018 Best white wine collection of the year (Eichelmann )
2018 „Winemaker of the year “ with her man.

2018s Grauer Burgunder "Qvinterra"

Estate wine QbA / organic DE-ÖKO-039
gl. 0,1l  4.80 / btl. 0,75l  34.00

While the "QVINTERRA" line of estate wines is a stylistic quintessence.
Here, in the approximately 280 million year old porous, heat-storing soils, wines are created
with a disarming blend of precise fruit play, juicy opulence and a racy, yet mild acidity.

2017s Giro Red Cuvèe

Cuvee Merlot / Syrah / Spätburgunder / Cabernet Sauvignon
gl. 0,1l  5.10 / btl. 0,75l  36.00

The name GIRO refers to the senior of the house Roland Gillot.
A juicy, dark spicy cuvée with opulent fruit of blackberry and blackcurrant. The GIRO is dynamic on the palate with delicate roasted aromas, soft tannins and a dense texture

Vineyard Martinelle / Rhône

The German oenologist Corinna Faravel has specifically chosen the extraordinarily high vineyard "Martinelle".
In 2001 she started as a lone fighter with modest means. The challenging terrain did not make it easy.
And today? Outstandingly dense wines:
they are glossy, spicy with herbs, Mediterranean - a mirror of the landscape.

Red    2016 Côtes du Ventoux AC
gl. 0,1l  4.80 / btl. 0,75l  34.00

Strong and crisp, but despite everything tender and elegant.
This wine is one of our favourites.
Crystal clear in taste, it conveys a interesting story

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