Winemaker of the month

Phillip Kuhn


An enumeration of the Palatinate top winegrowers without Philipp Kuhn is not possible.
In 1994 he took over his parents' vineyard and grows 50 % red + 50 % white, but always 100 % Philipp Kuhn.
The equally filigree and powerful wines offer the material that makes our lives richer, more beautiful & more colourful:

GAULT MILLAU 2013 (4 grapes )
EICHELMANN 2013 (4,5 stars )


2017 Weisser Burgunder "Traditon“
Estate wine QbA / Fair´n Green
gl. 0,1l 4.90 / btl. 0,75l   34.00

2016 Sauvignon blanc QbA
btl. 0,75l  41.00

This white Burgundy is the modern dry white wine type, not only for the warmer season.
Lively, with a moderate alcohol content, it is suitable for many occasions. Wonderful mineral notes combine with a subtle fine Burgundy fruit.
A perfect game with a mild yet fresh acidity and highest elegance.
The vineyards are located in Laumersheimer, Dirmsteiner and Großkarlbacher sites.


2016 Incognito Cuvée
gl. 0,1l  5.40 / btl. 0,75l  38.00

2015 Mano Negra Cuvée
Blaufränkisch / Cabernet Sauvignon
btl. 0,75l   47.00

Like famous chefs, winegrowers also have their secret preferences.
This cuvée consists of several national and international red wine varieties.
But these want to remain unrecognised -INCOGNITO- just like that. Imitation excluded!

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