New Year’s Eve 2021

NY evening menu


Various biscuits made from malt & oilseed
foamed butter flavoured with olive oil from of Meligalas - Greece -

Espresso of roasted vegetables

Creme brûleé of Brandenburg fallow deer
roasted FlowerSprouds / Pecorino / Parsley


Burnt scallop
2 kinds of Jerusalem artichoke / mustard seed / osietra caviar

Mint - Melanzani
green oil & frozen parsley

Truffled fillet of Baltic turbot
Potato pyramid cake / confit beta sweet carrots / fava beans / beetroot jus


Grilled beef tenderloin - stuffed with foie gras -
Potato pyramid cake / confit beta sweet carrot / fava beans / beetroot jus

Chocolate cakes in different consistencies
- Mousse / Ganache / Dacquoise / Teig / Chocolate – Caramel / Chip / Sauce -
almond crumble

85.00 per person

Reservation only by mail or phone
to the reservation Reservierung Mail